Finnish Geographic Names

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General Dataset Description

This is a Linked Data conversion of the 800 000 places (along with name, coordinate and language information) in the Geographic Names Registry maintained by the National Land Survey of Finland. The conversion is based on the 2014/02 version of the data (which was the latest version available on 2015/04), and was created using this code. The dataset is published using the CC-BY 4.0 license.

The dataset can be browsed at This is also a good place to familiarize oneself with the contents and data model of the conversion. Note: As the place name registry originates as a store for place names appearing on maps of scale 1:20 000 or over, the material is skewed away from tightly knit urban centers. For example, the registry contains a mere 727 places located in Helsinki, as compared to 12 244 places in Savonlinna.

The dataset can be queried using SPARQL at (the endpoint supports both Jena spatial queries as well as text searches).

Sample SPARQL queries

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