OWL RL Reasoner

OWL RL reasoner is a web service for performing OWL 2 RL and RDFS reasoning.

The service is based on RDFLib / OWL-RL.

Supported input RDF serialization format for input text: Turtle.

Supported input RDF serialization formats for input URI: Turtle and RDF/XML.

Supported output RDF serialization formats: Turtle and RDF/XML.


GET/POST parameters:

textRDF data
iformatinput serialization format for URI (auto, turtle, xml), default: auto
(= turtle, if the URI suffix is .ttl or .n3; xml otherwise)
formatoutput serialization format (turtle, xml), default: turtle
fullClosureuse OWL 2 RL ruleset and RDF and RDFS entailment rules (yes / no), default: no

Additional GET/POST parameters if "fullClosure" if set to "no":

owlClosureuse OWL 2 RL ruleset (yes / no), default: no
rdfsClosureuse RDF and RDFS entailment rules (yes / no), default: no
axiomsadd axiomatic triples of RDFS and OWL (yes / no), default: no
daxiomsadd datatype related axiomatic triples of RDFS and OWL (yes / no), default: no
owlExtrasexecute extra OWL specific rules (yes / no), default: no

See futher documentation.



Try the service:

RDF data in Turtle syntax:

and/or URI:
From format (input URI):
To format:
OWL 2 RL + RDFS Processing: yes no     –    if set to "no", the following additional parameters can be used:
OWL 2 RL Processing: yes no
RDFS Processing: yes no
Extra OWL Processing: yes no
Add Axiomatic triples: yes no
Add Datatype Axiomatic triples: yes no
Send form as HTTP POST (needed for large RDF data):