N3 Logic Rule Reasoner

N3 logic rule reasoner is a web service for performing reasoning based on N3 logic rules.

The service is based on FuXi.

Supported input RDF serialization formats for facts: N3 and RDF/XML.

Supported output RDF serialization formats: N3 and RDF/XML.


GET/POST parameters:

factsRDF data or URI containing the facts in N3 syntax (optional)
rulesRDF data or URI containing the N3 rules
ruleFactsshould the initial facts be parsed from the rules (yes / no)
frominput serialization format of facts (n3, xml), default: n3
tooutput serialization format (n3, xml), default: n3



Try the service:

RDF data or URI containing facts:

RDF data or URI containing rules:

Should the initial facts be parsed from the rules:
From format:
To format:
View result in browser (accept header = text/plain):
Send form as HTTP POST (needed for large RDF data):